Azure Resource Manager Video Training Course

Azure Training Course :: Azure Resource Manager (ARM)This video-based Azure training course from Art of Shell is packed with information about the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) interface! This is an essential topic for anyone who’s leveraging Microsoft Azure services, because ARM is the core¬†service used for deployment and management of cloud resources. Even if you’ve been using Microsoft Azure for some time, you might still be using the classic resources. Microsoft is shifting Azure services over to the ARM API at a rapid pace, and you’ll need to make sure that your skills are kept current to stay competitive in the industry!

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Course Length: 100 minutes

What You’ll Learn about Azure Resource Manager

  • Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Architecture
    • Learn about Resource Providers, Resource Groups, resource tags, and other core ARM components
    • Secure access to Azure resources using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Limit the scope of ARM operations using Resource Policy
    • Prevent accidental deletion of production resources using Resource Locks
  • ARM JSON Templates
    • Learn about the tools and resources used to build ARM JSON templates
    • Understand the structure of ARM JSON templates
    • Build ARM JSON templates using Visual Studio Code and the ARM Extension
    • Use code snippets, and intellisense / auto-completion to speed up your authoring process
  • Automation
    • Leverage ARM PowerShell to automate deployment and management of cloud resources
    • Cross-Platform (xPlat) automation – deploy and manage resources consistently on Linux, Mac, and Windows

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