Are you a medium to large organization who’s moving, or considering moving, to the cloud? Are you a startup who wants to deploy lightweight applications cloud-first? Do you have business and IT processes that you want automated? Are you skeptical about cloud security and privacy concerns, and need assurance?

Art of Shell offers consulting services and training for cloud architecture and automation, with a special focus on the Microsoft Azure public cloud, and the PowerShell automation framework.

Consulting Services

Do you need help with any of the following topics? If so, please contact us, and see how we can help.

  • Shifting your organization to a DevOps culture
  • Planning and implementing a migration to the cloud
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery to the cloud
  • Cloud-first application architecture and development
  • Setting up your applications and infrastructure for rapid, declarative deployment (infrastructure as code)
  • Implementing Docker application containers as part of your software development and delivery process
  • Implementing reliable automation for mission-critical processes, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Developing custom integration between applications and your cloud environment

Cloud & Automation Training Courses

In addition to consulting services, Art of Shell also offers high quality cloud and automation training, led by industry experts. We take pride in developing training materials that are comprehensive and teach thorough conceptual knowledge in addition to examples.

If you’re looking for practical software training for your team, and need to understand how to get started with the cloud, automation, and containers then you’ve come to the right place. We offer training courses that cover the following topics, and much more!

  • DevOps culture, process, and tooling
  • Application Containerization
    • Docker application containers
    • Microsoft Windows Containers & Nano Server
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Cloud subscription management
    • Cloud Application Architecture and guidance
    • Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
  • Automation
    • Windows PowerShell introductory training
    • Infrastructure configuration management (infrastructure as code)
    • Cloud automation with PowerShell and Cross-Platform (xPlat) CLI


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