Azure PowerShell Module Intellisense Video!

Azure PowerShell Module Extensions on MSDN Channel 9Are you a regular user of the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module? If so, then you’ll want to check out these really cool extensions for the core Azure PowerShell experience! Art of Shell just published an introductory video to MSDN Channel 9 that you’ll want to check out!

Azure PowerShell Module Extensions Installation

Installing the Azure PowerShell Extensions on PowerShell version 5.0 is really easy! All you need to do is call the Install-Module -Name AzureExt -Scope CurrentUser -Force command, which will install the module directly from the PowerShell Gallery! Once you’ve installed it, simply call Import-Module -Name AzureExt, to gain the awesome Intellisense and other capabilities that it offers!

Take note that this will require the installation of the Azure PowerShell module (AzureRM), before you can make use of these commands. Similar to installing the Azure PowerShell Extensions, installing the Azure PowerShell module is as easy as running Install-Module -Name AzureExt -Scope CurrentUser -Force!

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