Emojis in PowerShell? Yes!

We all use emojis, to some extent, on a daily basis. We write smiley faces in text messages, e-mails, on Twitter, on Facebook, and other social media platforms. These emojis are defined in the Unicode standard. You can actually find a full list of Unicode characters on this table; it even shows you the different emoji appearances for various social media platforms!

PowerShell Emojis

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use these emojis directly from PowerShell though? There are lots of websites out there that allow you to copy / paste characters, but a web browser isn’t always the ideal tool. That’s why we created and published the free Emojis PowerShell module in the PowerShell Gallery! This module provides a Get-Emoji command, with a -Name parameter, and even provides auto-completion for the emoji names!

Check it out, and let us know what you think! There’s an example of using it below!

### Install the Emojis PowerShell module
Install-Module -Name Emojis -Scope CurrentUser -Force;

### Look at the commands available in the module
Get-Command -Module Emojis -CommandType All;

### Get a couple of emojis
Get-Emoji -Name airplane, ambulance;

### Use the alias to quickly grab an emoji and copy it to the clipboard (eg. for Twitter, Facebook)
emoji airplane | scb;

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